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Digital Arts Management Fundamentals


Digital Arts Management Fundamentals: Unlocking Success for Digital Arts Individuals and Organizations

Workshop Overview:

The Digital Arts Management Fundamentals workshop is designed to provide individuals and organizations in the digital arts industry with essential knowledge and skills to effectively manage and thrive in the digital realm. Participants will explore strategies, tools, and best practices for digital arts management, focusing on areas such as digital marketing, online audience engagement, virtual exhibitions, and fundraising in the digital space. The workshop combines interactive sessions, case studies, and practical exercises to empower participants with the necessary skills to navigate the evolving landscape of digital arts management.

Workshop Details: Date: July 11-12, 2023 (Friday and Saturday) Duration: 2 days Location: Stoney Rock Academy, Newport, Kentucky



2-Day Workshop Curriculum:

Day 1:

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Arts Management

  • Overview of digital arts management
  • Trends and challenges in the digital arts landscape
  • The role of technology in transforming the arts industry

Session 2: Digital Marketing for Arts Organizations

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing for the arts
  • Developing an effective digital marketing strategy
  • Social media management and content creation for artists and organizations

Session 3: Online Audience Engagement

  • Understanding online audiences in the digital arts context
  • Strategies for building and engaging online communities
  • Online audience development and retention techniques

Session 4: Virtual Exhibitions and Online Platforms

  • Exploring virtual exhibition platforms and online galleries
  • Curating and presenting digital art online
  • Strategies for enhancing the virtual exhibition experience

Day 2:

Session 5: Digital Fundraising for Arts Organizations

  • Fundraising strategies for the digital arts sector
  • Crowdfunding platforms and campaigns for artists and organizations
  • Donor cultivation and stewardship in the digital realm

Session 6: Data Analytics and Insights for Arts Management

  • Introduction to data analytics in the arts
  • Collecting and analyzing digital arts data
  • Leveraging insights for decision-making and audience development

Session 7: Copyright and Intellectual Property in the Digital Arts

  • Understanding copyright laws and regulations in the digital arts
  • Protecting intellectual property online
  • Licensing and fair use considerations for digital artworks

Session 8: Workshop Project: Developing a Digital Arts Management Plan

  • Participants will work in groups to develop a digital arts management plan for a hypothetical organization or individual artist.
  • Each group will present their plan, and feedback and guidance will be provided by the facilitators.


Registration Details:

  • Registration Fee: $149
  • Early Bird Discount: Register by July 4, 2023, for a discounted rate of $99
  • Registration Deadline: July 10, 2023
  • To register, visit [registration website] or call [phone number]

Payment Details:

  • Registration Fee: $50 (non-refundable) to secure your spot
  • Final Payment: $99 (Early Bird) or $149 (Regular Rate) to be paid one week before the workshop starts
  • Payment methods and instructions will be provided during the registration process.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Digital Arts Management Fundamentals workshop at Stoney Rock Academy in Newport, Kentucky!




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