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Ratchet Temptations – Reading

svg16 June 2023Auditions


Ratchet Temptations – A Hip Hop Opera Script Reading

Attention all artists, rappers, producers, and musicians in Cincinnati, Ohio! StoneyRock Music Group, in collaboration with playwright Carl Arrington Hicks, is excited to announce a reading workshop for a new play titled “Ratchet Temptations.” We are seeking talented individuals for this non-union, one-day workshop opportunity.

Project Details:


“Ratchet Temptations – a hip hop opera” delves into the story of Diamond, a young black female social media influencer with a massive online following. When she falls in love, her series of ill-advised decisions takes her on a journey into a realm of unexpected spiritual activity, for which she is unprepared.

Character Breakdown:

  1. DIAMOND: Early 20s, black female social media influencer.
  2. JAY: Mid 20s, black/mixed race, Diamond’s love interest.
  3. FEE FEE: Jay’s baby mama, black.
  4. LETICIA (LEE LEE): Early 20s, Latino.
  5. SKI-BALL: Early 20s, mixed race, black, she/her.
  6. LINDA: Late 30s, black, Diamond’s older sister.
  7. BOB NECKLESS: Mature white male, fast food restaurant manager, Diamond and Lee Lee’s boss.

Audition Details:

Location: Stoney Rock Studios

Time: 10am-3pm & 6pm-8pm

Date: August 8, 2023

Requirements for Submission:

Collaborating artists, rappers, producers, and musicians should submit an existing self-tape showcasing a contemporary, dramatic scene, music, resumes, or monologue.

Please note that this is an unpaid opportunity.

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    Ratchet Temptations – Reading